H007 - Wildflower Essences



Flower Essences are nature’s remedy: flower’s magical energy extracted by sunlight and suspended in alcohol and water.  They work for your heart and spirit, and each essence has its own effects.  Take 4 drops 4 times a day, but you can take anytime you need. (please see the effects below)  These are all made from handpicked wild flowers by AKIGOTO in Saugerties NY.  It’s recommended you choose your essences through your intuition rather than thinking since your senses know what flower you need and will work best for you.

(pictured from left to right)

QUEEN ANNE’S LACE – Balance, Spiritual Insight, Clear Consciousness

ECHINACEA – Core Integrity, Connect to Spiritual Self, Universe

BLACK EYED SUSAN – Conscious Awareness, Light, Relief.

CALICO ASTER BABY -Exist, Pureness, Celebration.

SELF HEAL- Be Present, Self Love, Appreciation. 

RED CLOVER – Calm, Center of Truth, Self Awareness.

PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE – Acceptance, Courage, Relax.

GOLDENROD - Love, Energy, Shining.

WILD BERGAMOT – Strengthen, Kindness, Purify.

WILD ROSE – Self Loving, Joy, Passion.

CHICORY – Inner Strength, Unconditional Love, Kindness.

CALICO ASTER - Unite, Softness, As It Is.

other ingredients: organic vodka, water, sunshine. 

no flower taste/fragrance, no side effects

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