I am Aki, a mother of two little ones and a partner of a woodworker/artist, Kentaro, who has recently found out that he had a bone marrow cancer. Luckily, his cancer is at the very early stage so he has been in a self-healing process (after a surgery with big risks and radiation treatments). It’s been a long crazy journey and is still going on.

It’s very hard for me to describe how the experience has been so far because there is so much to tell and feel. So I wanted to say just one thing here. I found out that cancer was not a bad thing, not an evil, and not the end of the world, nor the end of life. I’d say it can be the beginning, it can be our angel, it can be the real you. It’s true that we want to heal it, we want it to go away from the body, but cancer is not only the cancer cells, but also the tutor bringing you the experiences that you might have needed - which is a true gift.

I’ve been trying to hear what the cancer actually wants to tell us. There are things that I can hear from it only if I try to hear. It’s a sweet kind. It came to Ken, but the purpose was not to kill him, nor to hurt him. I heard it said that our life is actually full of hope.  Of course there are now millions of difficulties that we didn’t have to deal with before, but if I think about it, we were not perfectly happy without those difficulties either. (And I can say such a positive thing now because there has been such incredible support from our family and friends.)

So what I wanted to say here is that I want to send love to his cancer instead of hating and trying to kill it. And to all cancer out there. It’s not so simple, you might think, but it’s also that simple, if you think. It is probably trying to tell us something important, it appears as the enemy, so that we cannot ignore what we may learn from it. So I decided to nurture it, adore it, to appreciate what it has to tell us. This was why I named this fundraiser “love to cancer love to Kentaro” hoping the love would reach and heal it. To heal cancer. To heal the past. To heal the present. 

So here’s a suggestion to you all from me. If you love Kentaro like I do, please join me to love his cancer as well so that it will accomplish its job soon and go back to the universe, somewhere. Love to cancer means love to Kentaro. Any way would be perfect, maybe you can visualize somehow cancer as loved and adored. Let’s start from there, then we’re all healing.

Thank you for visiting and your huge support all the time. It’s meant so much to all of us. 

With millions of loves,